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The Deets

Fred Sherri the founder of FR3SH has over 23yrs experience in the Automotive industry. He started his passion for all things automotive by being the go to automotive electronics person at his high school. As a high school student he completed a co-op placement as a mechanics helper in a Ford shop. He then went on to trade school where he worked to become an MECP certified automotive electronics installer. While he was attending school he worked in an Auto body shop preparing vehicles for paint as well as doing scratch removals and polishing. He followed his trade school up by completing a 2yr apprenticeship that earned him a provincial 310k C of Q as an Automotive Electronics Accessory Technician. After this achievement he became an install bay manager at Future Shop where he trained several of his own apprentices who went on to have successful careers in the 12 volt industry.

Frederick also has a 2yr Industrial Electrical Technician College Diploma  from Loylaist College in Belleville, Ontario. He spent several years working in the industrial sector in Alberta before moving to B.C. with his family in 2016.

Frederick has now added window film application and Paint Protection Film to his list of skills completing an intensive hands on training course with The Tint Academy Canada and Tekton Performance Films to become a certified Tint and PPF technician.

The name FR3SH comes from FR being the first two letters of Fred's name, 3 stands for how many children him and his wife Amanda have together and SH is the first two letters of their last name.

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